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Chicago Brain Injury Laywer

Brain injuries are some of the most devastating wounds a person can suffer. When negligence leads to traumatic brain injuries, the Chicago brain injury lawyers at 克利福德 Law Offices can help. 我们芝加哥的脑损伤律师有超过30年的民事诉讼代理经验, including brain injury lawsuits.

Traumatic 脑损伤 are Life Changing

A brain injury is not only physically and psychologically devastating; it can also lead to significant economic losses. 如果你不能回到工作岗位,或者表现不能恢复到原来的水平,你可能会遭受工资损失. 我们的律师事务所可以帮助脑损伤的受害者和他或她的亲人决定经济恢复的最佳选择. 作为知识渊博和值得信赖的律师,我们的声誉使你的案子立即得到重视. Other Brain injury attorneys routinely send us their most complex cases, confident that we can provide effective counsel to these clients.

A traumatic brain injury may result in permanent disabilities, prevent the victim from returning to work, and interfere with basic, 日常任务. 许多遭受脑损伤的人发展为长期或永久的医疗状况,需要持续的护理和监督.

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What is a traumatic brain injury?

脑损伤有两种类型:获得性脑损伤(ABI)和创伤性脑损伤(TBI)。. 后天性脑损伤是指出生后发生的损伤导致大脑神经活动的改变. 外伤性脑损伤通常是由外部因素引起的,比如对头部的打击, 一个暴力的震动, or penetration of the skull.

Common types of brain injury

Some of the most common types of traumatic brain injury are:


脑震荡是一种相对较轻的创伤性脑损伤,通常伴随着短暂的无意识和当受害者恢复意识时的方向感. Common after effects include dizziness, difficulty maintaining balance, 头痛, and emotional issues like depression and anxiety. Once someone has had one concussion, 如果他们卷入另一起类似的事故,他们很容易受到更多的影响. 慢性创伤性脑病(CTE)可能是你听说过的关于NFL球员的一个术语,是反复脑震荡后发生的情况.


A contusion is essentially a bruise on the brain. 这通常是由直接撞击引起的,可能会导致肿胀,需要手术来缓解压力.


When the head is struck, 震, 或动摇, the brain can lag behind the movement of the skull, resulting in the brain hitting the interior of the skull. 弥漫性轴索损伤是一种脑损伤类型,约有一半的脑损伤发生,在车祸后最常见.


当两侧大脑都受到损伤时,这被认为是一种意外伤害. 这种类型的损伤发生在冲击力太大时,大脑击中颅骨内部的一边,然后又击中另一边. 当这种情况发生, the victim can suffer impaired memory, 记忆丧失, loss of coordination, and trouble balancing.

Signs of brain injury


Signs of mild traumatic brain injury

Signs of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury

Common causes of brain injury

Brain injuries can occur when public spaces are not maintained, when other drivers are inattentive, or when medical professionals are negligent.


当汽车发生碰撞, there can be a tremendous jolt to the neck and head, sometimes resulting in brain damage. 如果另一名司机分心或疏忽,我们可以帮助你们追究他们的责任.

滑 & 秋天

When property owners do not maintain their grounds, 它们创造了一个危险的环境,使客人更容易摔倒. If stairwells are not lit, handrails are not repaired, or flooring is not updated, people can fall and seriously injure their brains.

Medical Malpractice

当一个医生, 护士, or other medical professional acts negligently during a child’s birth, there is the possibility of brain damage. Improper force to the skull can cause cerebral palsy, 哪一种残疾会影响孩子的余生.

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Possible Damages in a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Many types of brain injuries can lead to lawsuits. 一般, 决定因素是另一方当事人的疏忽是否造成了脑损伤. 在脑损伤案件中,原告不仅要证明被告对他们负有注意义务,而且违反了这一义务, 而且这种违反义务是原告损害赔偿的直接原因. 原告还必须提供表明其损害程度的证据,包括:


原告可以就脑损伤后立即和将来必要的医疗费用提起诉讼. Most traumatic brain injuries require immediate medical care; without treatment, potentially life-threatening complications may develop. A brain injury may also require extensive rehabilitation like physical therapy, 语言治疗, occupational therapy, and multiple surgeries.


A brain injury will require a long recovery time in most cases, 原告可以要求在此期间损失的工资作为人身伤害索赔.


如果被告的疏忽也损害或毁坏了原告的任何个人财产, such as a vehicle in a 车祸, the plaintiff can claim repair or replacement costs as damages.


审理脑损伤案件的陪审团将考虑专家证人的证词,以确定对原告身体疼痛的适当赔偿, 情感创伤, and mental anguish following a brain injury. 例如, 轻度脑震荡的原告可能会经历数周的剧烈头痛,直到症状消退. 另一名原告患有永久性残疾,不再能够独立工作或生活. 在这些例子中, 第二个原告的痛苦和痛苦的恢复可能比第一个原告要大得多. There are no caps on pain and suffering compensation in 伊利诺斯州.


如果被告的行为是严重疏忽或故意侵权,比如人身攻击, the jury may award punitive damages to further punish the defendant.

Winning Your Brain Injury Lawsuit

If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury due to another party’s negligence, you can hold the responsible party accountable with a personal injury lawsuit. 你脑部受伤的律师需要证明被告对你负有注意义务然后在某种程度上违反了注意义务. 下一个, 你的脑损伤律师需要证明被告的失职是造成你的损害的直接或直接原因,并提供这些损害的程度的证据. 头部受伤后,你不应该担心医药费或工资损失, 你应该集中精力接受必要的医疗护理以完全康复. 我们的法律团队将与保险公司交涉,帮助你争取应得的赔偿.

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脑损伤诉讼可以帮助你或你的亲人因另一方的疏忽而获得重大赔偿. 自1984年以来,凯发ag手机版(克利福德 Law Offices)的芝加哥脑损伤律师一直在民事诉讼中代理客户, and we can put our experience to work in your brain injury lawsuit. 联系 我们办公室今天安排了一个免费咨询我们的律师这样我们就能尽快开始处理你的脑损伤索赔.

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