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Approach the Bench

约翰五世. Kalantzis Talks 航空 Law, Grief, and the Mission to Give Victims a Voice

  [caption id="attachment_35082" align="alignright" width="225"] 约翰五世. Kalantzis[/caption] 约翰五世. Kalantzis learned early on the value of helping others through tough situations. The son of Greek immigrants, he grew up watching the frustrations and confusion his parents faced on a day-to-day basis as they tried to navigate their newfound culture and society. Their struggles became one of the chief motivators behind John eventually pursuing a...

Approach the Bench: 伊薇特 Loizon

今年, 克利福德定律 Offices welcomed a new Partner to the family when Chicagoan 伊薇特 Loizon joined the team on June 1. 伊薇特, who grew up and still lives on the south side, brings a strong litigation background to the mix as well as the grit, 耐力, and enthusiasm for justice 克利福德定律 Offices attorneys are known for. As the mother of four children, she...

杰克J. Casciato Went From Defense Attorney to Protector of the People

Jack Casciato’s backstory is unique in the 克利福德定律 Offices family, and something he uses each day to further his mission of helping those that most need legal protection. For the first eight years of his career, Jack worked as a defense lawyer at a nationally known firm, representing medical practitioners, construction companies, product manufactures, major trucking companies, and other large corporations. In essence, he...

克利福德定律 Offices Partner James C. Pullos: Helping Victims in Their Greatest Time of Need

James C. Pullos, partner at 克利福德定律 Offices, values fighting for justice on behalf of those people harmed and always acts with a sense of urgency to hold wrongdoers accountable. Jim’s philosophy on litigation is based on integrity and hard work for his clients. His strong work ethic and sense of social justice were shaped while he was working his first jobs - at his...

克利福德定律 Offices Partner 苏珊一个. ·卡普拉: Helping Victims of Medical Negligence

苏珊一个. ·卡普拉, partner at 克利福德定律 Offices, is a compassionate and dedicated attorney, always advocating for the patient. Susan’s career path reflects her compassion for others. As an undergraduate, she studied nursing and worked for years as a registered nurse at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She joined 克利福德定律 Offices in 1989, having graduated with Honors from DePaul University College of Law in Chicago...

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