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Car Accidents

克利福德 Law Offices Obtains $7 Million Settlement for Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

罗伯特一个. 克利福德 and 杰克J. Casciato, partners at 克利福德 Law Offices, obtained a $7 million settlement (Tuesday, 12/7/2021) on behalf of a 58-year-old woman who was struck by a vehicle while in a crosswalk. She suffered complex pelvic fractures and a moderate traumatic brain injury that require future caretaking and therapy. The woman was thrown about 30 feet after the vehicle struck her while...

克利福德 Law Obtains $18.15 Million Verdict on Behalf of Brain Damaged Teenager Struck by Truck

In one of the first civil trials since in-person jury trials resumed in Cook County Circuit Court, two partners at 克利福德 Law Offices on Monday, 12月. 6, 2021, obtained an $18.15 million verdict on behalf of an 印第安纳州 teenager who was struck by a truck as he stood on the side of the road fixing his vehicle. A press conference with the teen’s mother was...

Chicago Car Accident Lawyers

No two car crashes are the same, which can make for some complex litigation when it comes to filing a claim for damages. For starters, car accidents are rarely even accidents, despite their commonly used name. Someone is almost always at fault, even partially, and the possibility of negligent behavior usually needs to be investigated in the aftermath of a crash. At 克利福德 Law Offices,...

Driverless Car Accidents – Who’s at Fault?

Despite all the hype, fully self-driving cars are not yet commercially available to the public. In limited geographical areas, individuals can sometimes be passengers in these vehicles. 然而, mastering the technology behind these cars has proven highly costly, and a wider rollout has taken much longer than expected. 即使是特斯拉, who offers an “Autopilot” feature and boasts that their cars can run by themselves, 承认...

Your Questions 关于 Auto Liability Insurance Answered

Unless you sell cars or work as a car accident attorney, the world of auto insurance can quickly get overwhelming. To help our community navigate this often-confusing industry, 克利福德 Law Offices is dedicating a new series on this blog to breaking down the elements of your auto insurance: what they are and why they matter when it comes to protecting yourself and your family on...

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