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Clifford’s Notes

德州 Messes with Plaintiff Lawyers

Clifford's Notes, Chicago Lawyer April 1, 2013 By Robert A. Clifford I recently returned from an American Bar Association meeting in 德州 where one of the Continuing Legal Education programs offered was titled, "The Juice Isn't Worth the Squeeze: The Impact of Tort Reform on Plaintiffs' Lawyers and Access to Civil Justice." A panel of nearly a half-dozen lawyers and judges from 德州 headed by...
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Separating the Good from the Bad

Clifford's Notes, Chicago Lawyer March 1, 2013 By Robert A. Clifford A hospital patient goes into cardiac arrest and a "code blue" is called. An independent contractor physician from the emergency room responds as part of his job and he negligently intubates the patient. The patient, as a result, suffers permanent brain damage. The family files a negligence action against the hospital and the physician....
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Bob Clifford Writes 关于 the Ethics of Taking Depositions

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Lawyers, Ethics and Testimony

Clifford's Notes, Chicago Lawyer February 5, 2013 By Robert A. Clifford Jimmy Stewart, one of my favorite actors, plays a small-town criminal defense lawyer in "Anatomy of a Murder." He represents an Army officer arrested for killing a bartender in a trailer park. The self-admitted perpetrator said he did so out of passion because the barkeep allegedly raped and beat his wife, but there was...
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