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What Is Malpractice, and What Should You Do 关于 It?

Medical malpractice is a legal term that describes negligence that results in 死亡 或由医疗保健提供者造成的伤害,其未能遵守有关程序的公认的实践和护理标准. 这包括医生, 护士, 技术人员, 病理学家, 医院, 养老院设施, and any person that provides medical care.

伊利诺斯州最高法院最近裁定,涉及医疗事故案件的损害赔偿上限是违宪的. It is the third time that the state’s highest court made that finding, eliminating limits in medical negligence cases. 这 lack of a cap means that medical providers, 医疗设施, and their insurance companies fiercely contest malpractice claims. 像这样, 重要的是选择一个律师谁可以站在这些大的实体,并为你的利益争取正义. It is also vital that you seek help right away, 因为保险公司通常会在得知潜在的医疗事故后立即让他们的律师采取行动.


Medical_Malpractice_Best_Law_Firms_2021Medical malpractice is always preventable. When it occurs, it is due to careless errors or negligence from medical professionals. 过度劳累的护士, 措手不及的外科医生, 粗心的医生, and short-staffed 医院 could all cause patient harm. Proving negligence is a crucial aspect of a personal injury case. To determine negligence, your attorney will look to the cause of the incident. Common causes of medical negligence at Chicago health centers include:

确定医疗伤害的根本原因是获得赔偿的第一步. If you believe you’ve suffered medical malpractice, talk with an attorney. He or she will investigate the situation, look for signs of negligence or misconduct connected to your case, and file a medical malpractice claim against the appropriate party/parties.

Elements of a 医疗事故 Claim

专业知识.com_Best_medical_malpractice_lawyers_in_Chicago_2021Although every medical malpractice case is unique, they all have certain traits in common. 例如, 所有这些都有一个举证责任——一个证明被告对病人的伤害或疾病负有法律责任的责任. For a medical malpractice case in 伊利诺斯州, you need the following four main elements:

  1. 一个专业的关系. 你需要证明在你受伤时你和被告有专业的病人关系, through documentation and/or medical bills. If a physician gives you advice at a dinner party and following it causes further harm, you cannot sue him or her for malpractice because no professional relationship existed.
  2. 违反注意义务. The breach of care, or act of negligence, is the main component medical malpractice lawsuit. You will need clear and convincing evidence that the defendant breached, 或未能实现, 这是你的责任. Showing up to work drunk or misinterpreting test results are examples of breaches of medical duty.
  3. 因果关系. 被告的失职和你的人身伤害之间一定有因果关系. 医生或医院违反适当的护理必须是造成你的损害的近因(主要),你才有理由控告被告. Otherwise, you may have a case against someone else.
  4. 损害赔偿. Finally, victims must show they suffered real damages because of the defendant’s breach of duty. 损害可能包括医疗费用, 身体的疼痛, 情绪困扰, 生活质量下降, 或损失的收入.

If you are not sure whether you have grounds for an 伊利诺斯州 medical malpractice claim, 联系我们. We can review your case and give you our honest opinion on its merit in a court of law. We will review your case for free in Chicago today.


2020-no_1-medical-malpractice-settlement-il-clifford-law凯发ag手机版 in Chicago has handled numerous medical malpractice cases. 在这个医疗改革的时代, 凯发ag手机版’ commitment to consumer rights and awareness is unwavering. We handle all forms of medical malpractice claims, including those involving:

有一名护士律师和一名有法律背景的全职护士负责处理这些玩忽职守和玩忽职守的案件, 凯发ag手机版 offers in-depth medical insight to its clients and referring attorneys. 我们结合创新的法律理论与充分研究的事实,与当前的医疗和制药实践.

罗伯特一个. 克利福德和Keith A. Hebeisen, partners and medical negligence attorneys at the firm, 在这个问题上写了大量的文章,并且站在了为病人争取由陪审团审判权利的最前线.

Our Multi-Million-Dollar 医疗事故 Case 结果

在上面的视频中, 律师苏珊·卡普拉回答了一些与医疗事故有关的最常见问题. Ms. 卡普拉不仅是凯发ag手机版的合伙人,也是一名注册护士,她对医疗事故索赔涉及的问题非常了解. Questions she answers in the video include:

关于这个话题我们有更多的视频. 这 系列短片 covers such issues as whether malpractice has occurred, what you need to prepare for a malpractice case, and how medical malpractice cases are settled. 想了解更多? 阅读我们的 医疗事故的常见问题.

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