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Unsafe Household Product Lawyer in Chicago

A product liability attorney is assigned to cases where household products have caused harm to consumers. When encountering an unsafe product in the home, the safest route to go is to consult with a product liability lawyer. 克利福德 Law Offices in Chicago has an excellent product liability lawyer and product liability attorney team to help affected consumers get the help they need.

When it comes to materials, 设计, 和安全, product manufacturing must be held to the highest standards. These standards take on heightened importance when the final product is intended for use inside the home. It is imperative that household products are properly 设计ed and manufactured, thoroughly tested, and properly labeled for safe use. When products make it into the home and one of these steps has been neglected, injuries can happen. 不幸的是, these injuries disproportionately harm children, and often require the guidance of a product liability lawyer to get resolved.

Product liability lawsuits, a result of dangerous or defective products, are the recourse for individuals injured by unsafe household products. Spearheaded by a product liability attorney, a household product liability lawsuit focuses on injuries from household appliances, household chemicals, household cleaners and tools. These injuries often happen through the course of normal product usage as a result of 设计 defects, manufacturing defects, and improper safety devices or labeling.

The Experienced Defective Product Liability Attorney

The fight for just compensation requires a product liability lawyer with the resources, knowledge and experience to successfully resolve your lawsuit. The product liability attorney staff of 克利福德 Law Offices has been successfully representing clients for more than 25 years. At 克利福德 Law Offices, our product liability lawyer team exhaustively investigates your case to identify the responsible parties and prepare all cases for trial. This ensures that the outcome of your lawsuit is based on its merits and comes as a result of full preparation.

Along with seeking compensation for the damages sustained from a defective household product, a product liability lawyer will also seek change in the manufacturing process to prevent the harm from occurring again.

Nationally Recognized Success of the 克利福德 Product Liability Lawyer

In one case, a product liability attorney team at 克利福德 Law Offices reached a $3.125 million settlement over a Scripto-Tokai barbeque lighter 设计ed without a child safety device. The absence of the safety device resulted in a three-year-old child operating the lighter near his 18-month-old sister’s bed who subsequently suffered severe burn injuries and died.

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