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Reaction of Victims’ Families to Canadian Report that Says to Rely Less on US Airline Regulators; Canadian Parliamentary Committee Makes Recommendations that Retools Country’s Certification Process in the Wake of Two 波音公司 Crashes

受害者家属对星期三公布的报告反应迅速, 6月9日, 2021, from Canada’s House of Commons Transport Committee that recommended Transport Canada Civil 航空 (TCCA), 国家的飞机认证机构, 对任何安装新的或修改过的部件的飞行系统进行全面重新认证.

这份报告, coming in the wake of the crash of two 波音公司 737 MAX aircraft that killed all 346 on board including a number of Canadians in the second crash in Ethiopia, states 14 recommendations that include considering incorporating pilots into aircraft certification and pursuing further technical assessment even after the Federal 航空 Administration (FAA), the U.S. 监管机构,对飞机进行认证. The 737 MAX had a new software system, MCAS, that was unknown to pilots despite its recertification.

Chris Moore of Toronto who lost his 24-year-old daughter Danielle in the second crash in Ethiopia said, “The Study shows that there are several gaps in oversight in the validation process and it is largely due to the fact that the harmonization agreement, 或异丙醇, 是基于信任. When that trust is broken by the Certifying Authority through a lack of transparency and errors on their part, 认证机构实质上是在不适合飞行的产品上盖章. 我们需要值得信任的当局和适合飞行的飞机. David Turnbull [Transport Canada’s Director of National Aircraft Certification] said the process is scalable, but if TCCA does not have the information to do a technical validation then scaling nothing still leaves you with nothing… and that’s how MCAS was overlooked by TCCA.

“There are several questions asked in my testimony that were not discussed in the Study or went further in to detail. The main logical failure here is ‘Why the B737 MAX was allowed to fly after JT 610 [first] crash?FAA发布的EAD和TCCA发布的记忆辅助基本上是这么说的, “我们知道这架飞机不安全, 但飞行员应该能够应付,尽管飞行员没有接受过失败模式的训练,也不了解MCAS.

“特恩布尔告诉我们,在JT 610之后, 他们“没有所有的信息”——这是这里缺少的一点. 如果TCCA在掌握所有事实前什么都不做, 那么为什么在所有事实都不清楚的情况下让B737 MAX飞起来呢. Had any of the authorities exercised caution and the full extent of their authority instead of waiting for the other to blink, I would not have to be answering questions to the media about aviation – a subject of which I knew very little two-plus years ago.“摩尔和多伦多的保罗·尼乔奇失去了他的整个家庭——他的妻子, three children and mother-in-law — testified in Canada before the House of Commons transport committee on Nov. 24, 2020.

Njoroge said of the Report: “It is apparent that the Canadian authorities through continued use of outdated validation procedures, 他疏忽地参与谋杀了我的妻子, 我们三个孩子, 我的岳母和其他152人在ET302航班坠机事件中丧生. 很长时间, we have wondered why the Ministry of Transport did not demand the grounding of the 737 Max planes in Canada after the first 737 Max crash. 前任部长一直坚持认为这架飞机适合飞行. He lied to the victims’ families and the Canadian public that TCCA was not aware of the TARAM report. To me, it is clear that Canada was complacent with the FAA’s decisions before and after the first crash. 我赞扬下议院进行彻底的调查. I agree with their recommendations to ensure independent and deeper validation procedures of aircrafts in Canada.”

Michael Stumo of 麻萨诸塞州 who lost his daughter Samya Rose Stumo in the 波音公司 crash in Ethiopia said, “TCCA是一个篡改文件的机构, 尽管它声称严格, thumbing through 波音公司 737 MAX technical documents delivered by an FAA which had been captured by, 被欺骗, 波音公司, which in turn is inexplicably allowed to self-certify design safety compliance in the United States. Canadian airline passengers will not be safe unless TCCA does its job of independently verifying new aircraft designs rather than merely transmitting the mistakes of the U.S. 通过伪装在复杂的过程中的懒惰和顺从——说白了.”

哈维尔·德·路易斯在3月10日失去了他的妹妹, 2019, crash in Ethiopia reacted to the news out of Canada: “The FAA used to be the gold standard in aircraft certification. 其他认证机构也纷纷效仿, knowing that the FAA high standards had allowed the unprecedented growth in worldwide air travel to occur while simultaneously increasing safety. 那些日子早已一去不复返. Information that has become public since the two 737 Max crashes has clearly shown an agency that always defers to the wishes of 波音公司 on matters large and small. 最近通过的立法今年早些时候签署, 如果正确实现, 将有助于扭转这种下滑趋势吗, but it will take a long time before the FAA recovers the confidence of the aviation community.”

罗伯特一个. 克利福德, founder and senior partner at 凯发ag手机版 in Chicago and Lead Counsel in the litigation against 波音公司 in the crash of ET302, said, “The world is beginning to realize the weaknesses of the FAA and how 波音公司 had the ability to easily deceive the agency. It is a tragedy that it took the loss of so many lives for the truth to be uncovered instead of a company doing the right thing.”

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