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Chicago Transportation Accident Lawyer

Millions of people are on the move every day, taking both public and private transportation. In a large city like Chicago, commuters ride in trains (CTA, Metra), 公共汽车 or 校车, 汽车 and SUVs throughout the city each day. The Midwest also has many lakes and rivers that serve as playgrounds for boats and jet skis/personal watercrafts.

Tragic accidents on roads, waterways and rail systems put passengers and drivers at great risk of being injured or killed. Accidents may be caused by many factors such as driver negligence, defective equipment and faulty warning systems. People traveling in these vehicles, 然而, are not the only ones at risk of being injured or killed; thousands of innocent bystanders are killed each year by a variety of vehicles.

If you are involved in an accident and think you have a claim, it is best to first speak to an attorney before discussing the matter with strangers or outside parties.


克利福德 Law Offices represents many victims of transportation accidents in Chicagoland and across the country. Our attorneys represent those who have suffered injuries and those who have lost loved ones in transportation accidents. 克利福德 Law Offices represents many people, adults and children alike, who have been struck by trains, 大卡车, 汽车和船. Some were in 汽车, on bicycles or on motorcycles, while others were innocent 行人. If you need to speak with a personal injury law firm or transport liability attorney, the lawyers at 克利福德 Law Offices are available for consultation.

We are well-versed in this area of law and have obtained many successful outcomes (both settlements and trial verdicts) for our clients.

Our Transportation Accident 结果

Our firm also represented several children who were injured or killed when a train slammed into their school bus in Fox River Grove.

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